How can I heal black and blue bruises?


Bruises occur when the body is injured and breaks blood vessels and the blood collects under the skin. To heal black and blue bruises, the first step is to get ice on it as soon as possible. It will help reduce the amount of blood that collects, at least making the bruise smaller. If possible, lift the body part with the bruise above the heart. Resting it will help it to heal faster, too. If there is pain in the area of the bruise, taking over-the-counter medicine can help with pain and swelling. If you start bruising easily or in places that you do not remember bumping frequently, consider seeing a doctor to see if there is a medical issue.
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Apply ice as soon as possible after onset of the bruise. This also helps to reduce swelling.
The average bruise lasts 10 to 14 days, reports, a division of the Nemours Foundation. If you've ever bumped your shin on a table or taken a hard hit when playing a
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The skin and surrounding region show inflammation, becoming red, tender
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