How do you heal a cut on the inside of your mouth?


You can heal a cut in your mouth by rinsing with peroxide. You'll want to make a half and half solution of peroxide and water. This will disinfect and help heal the inside of your mouth.
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Apply a pinch of table salt directly to the affected area, it will hurt for a moment but within a day or two the cut should heal. Actually, an easier way to this is to mix one teaspoon
Little cuts inside your mouth can be treated with
1. Know that a vitamin B and iron deficiencies can cause angular cheilitis. In addition, you could be allergic to a product such as toothpaste or lipstick. Dehydration can also cause
The scrape in your mouth will heal on its own, Usually scrapes do not scar as they are not deep. It would be better to let the air dry the scrapes out that are on your face that way
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