What is the heart condition called a widow maker?


The heart condition that is called the Widow Maker is when the coronary artery is blocked. This often causes a heart attack that is usually instant and lethal. It was called this because it would leave the man's wife a widow. However, men are not the only ones to have heart attacks. It is important to know the signs of heart problems and to seek treatment before the blockage becomes that severe so that you can prevent the heart attack.
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A widow maker blockage of the left anterior coronary artery has all the signs of a standard heart attack and in fact has the same cause, i.e. myocardial blockage. The distinction
left anterior descending coronary artery.
The "Widow Maker" was name given to a stenosis, or blockage, of
Left Anterior Descending Artery. Cause many times people get heartattacks due to blockage in this artery, and it happens both fast and unexpectedly.
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