How Tall is Heath Ledger?


Heath Ledger was 6'1'' before his untimely death in January of 2008. I imagine he's considerably shorter now, as the body decomposes it shrinks.
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Hey, On the left arm he had a center of the universe (self-designed) on the left inside forearm he had a eagle with wings spread, on the left wrist he had the "famous" braclet
Heath Ledger had a "KAOS" bracelet tattoo on left
1. Travel to Perth in Western Australia. Fly in to Perth Airport if you're not within driving distance. This is where Heath Ledger was born, raised and now rests. 2. Go to Karrakatta
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Heath Ledger died of a possible drug overdose. A housekeeper found him lying face down, naked at the foot of his bed, with prescription pills in his vicinity. ...
Heath Andrew Ledger was a television and film actor from Australia. He died at the age of 28, from unintentional toxic combination of prescription drugs. A few ...
Heath Ledger was an actor who was in the movies Brokeback Mountain and in The Dark Knight. He died of an overdose and has a daughter with Michelle Williams. ...
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