What is the HEB partner schedule?


The HEB partner schedule is a proprietary log of work shifts for employees of HEB, a grocery retail chain with 350 stores located in 150 communities throughout Texas and northern Mexico. The HEB partner schedule is unavailable for viewing by the general public; it is only accessible to partners. The online portal that partners use to check schedules is called PartnerNet and may be accessed with log-in credentials through HEB.com.

HEB opened its first store in Kerrville, Texas, in 1905, and, as of 2014, employs more than 75,000 people, which are referred to as "partners." Headquartered in San Antonio, HEB is the largest privately held company in Texas, a leading employer, and well-known for its philanthropic activities, which include the popular "Excellence in Education" award given to top teachers nominated in communities where the store operates. There are a wide range of partners in the HEB family, including workers in hourly store jobs, store management jobs, corporate jobs, pharmacist jobs, warehouse jobs, transportation jobs, manufacturing jobs and other supply chain jobs. Some of the reported perks of being a partner with HEB include a 10-percent discount on HEB-branded products, a variety of health and wellness programs, and other valuable incentives and services.

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1. Get a copy of his or her schedule. If your partner has regular commitments-a yoga class, a book club, a guy's night-avoid scheduling your romantic interlude during those times.
For an individual, this would be the partner's social security number. There might also be indicated another number the partnership uses for internal accounting or other purposes
You would have to contact the store in your area for this
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