Who is Heloise?


Heloise is known as an American writer who specializes in speaking and writing about lifestyle issues. She is also known as Kiah Michelle Cruse, which is the name that she was actually born with. Herdate of birth was April 15 in the year of 1951. She is originally from Waco, Texas. As of March 13, 2013, she lives in a town near San Antonio, Texas. She was the author of 11 books so far, and is widely known for being an editor for Good Housekeeping, which is a magazine that millions of women worldwide purchase for tips and tricks on homemaking and more.
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Heloise a famous name in household advice. Her Hints From Heloise appear in Good Houskeeping and she
Heloise is 60 years old (birthdate: April 15, 1951)
heloise: student and mistress and wife of Abelard (circa 1098-1164)
Background. Héloïse (variously spelled Helöise, Héloyse, Hélose, Heloisa, Helouisa, Eloise, and Aloysia, among other variations) is best known for her
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