How Long Does It Take for a Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Hematoma to Go Away?


Stereotactic breast biopsies are deformities in the breast that are regularly identified by physical examination and imaging studies. For a stereotactic breast biopsy hematoma to disappear, it depends on a patient and the size of the hematoma, normally it takes a week to several weeks to go away. For more help, you should consult a radiation oncologist.
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Sadly that varies patient to patient. Depending on how big the hematoma is, it can take a week to several weeks to go away. If you have had a hematoma for more than 2 weeks post biopsy
The procedure involves a surgeon placing a thin, hollow needle in the breast tissue to gather samples. These samples, each about the size of a grain of rice, are then analyzed in
There may be some discomfort in the breast. Pain killing tablets should easily control this. If not, you can have painkilling injections. By the end of one week the wound should be
My wife just had a mastectomy yesterday and for having an entire breast removed she is doing very well. Her friend had a lumpectomy and did not stay overnight in the hospital. My
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