Henry Hudson Major Accomplishments?


Henry Hudson was an explorer who explored by sea. He was born in 1565, in London. One of Henry Hudson's major accomplishments was to explore New York, and the Hudson river was named after him. Because of his exploration, the Dutch were able to colonize in that area. Though Henry Hudson did have major accomplishments, he never achieved his desired goal. After one of his explorations, his crew mutinied and those sent off the boat were not seen again.
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Was the first european to sail up the hudson river and also first person to visit hudson bay.
While looking for the Northwest Passage, he found and explored the
Henry Hudson was a 17th century English sea explorer and navigator. His explorations in the U.S. included the Hudson River in New York City.
Henry Hudson was the English navigator who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1609 and became the first European to sail up what is now the Hudson River in New York. Hudson explored parts
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