Who are the Hensel twins?


Conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel have a reality television series on TLC, chronicling their lives as 20-somethings as they graduate from college at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota and search for jobs. David Moye explains in the Huffington Post that the dicephalic parapagus twins have separate heads but share one body.

Lucy Wallis of BBC News explains that the twins have two sets of lungs, two hearts, two stomachs, one liver, one large intestine and one reproductive system. The twins co-ordinate their body with Abby controlling the right hand side and Brittany controlling the left. The twins also share two arms and two legs. However, Wallis explains that the two have a height difference with Abby as the taller of the two, which means Brittany must stand on her toes to help the two maintain balance. The twins' reality show focuses on their daily lives. Show installments were shot in London, where they travelled for the summer after graduation. However, the reality show is not the only media outlet covering the twins' lives. The Daily Mail explains that they first appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996 and the cover of Life magazine before agreeing to allow TLC to document their lives at age 16.

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The original "siamese" twins died 12 hours apart. Because Abby and Brittany are so joined and share just about everything, including blood supply odds are they would die
conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel. Abigail "Abby" Loraine Hensel and Brittany "Britty" Lee Hensel (born March 7, 1990 in Carver County, Minnesota, US
siamese twins have at least one organ of their body shared with each other(including skin).so if one dies the shared body organ also dies along with the other siamese person.
The funny thing about this is that when shown this or this you didn’t think “It’s two snakes joined together” or “two lambs joined together”, did
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