Herbs That Lower Testosterone?


Testosterone is the main male sex hormone found in human beings that is secreted from the testicles. Examples of herbs that decrease testosterone in the human body include black cohosh, chasteberry, dong quai and spearmint.
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Herbs That Lower Testosterone
There are several reasons why both men and women want to lower testosterone levels. And many people want to do this naturally as opposed to taking medication. There are numerous herbs that are often used to lower testosterone. While some are beneficial... More »
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Why can't you go to a doctor? Seems to me that if you are indeed androgynous, hormone therapy under the supervision of a doctor is exactly what you need. Not some home spun treatment
1. Make dietary changes. According to the website for Natural Hormones, one way to help bring estrogen and testosterone back into balance is to focus on raising estrogen levels. This
Sesame seeds and basil root.
1 Take note of your symptoms. Track symptoms that might be caused by high testosterone levels. Some of the symptoms to look for include acne, increased muscle mass, and a deepening
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