What Is the Nickname of the Constellation Hercules?


The Constellation Hercules or Heracles is a large constellation in the Northern hemisphere. The name Heracles means 'the glory of Hera'. It was once known as the Engonasin or the Kneeler in Greece and it is the 5th largest constellation in the sky.
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Anyone who looked into the sky could see the stars. We don't know who, all those centuries ago, noticed that (with a little imagination! you can visualize the shape of a heroic figure
Hercules' head lies between Lyra to the left and Corona Borealis to the right whi.
I am not aware of there being a nickname. However, the following might be of interest. Who Discovered the Constellation Hercules? Hercules was indexed by Ptolemy as one of the 48
Hercules- right ascension 17h, declination +30, quadrant NQ3
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Hercules (The Son of Zeus)
Hercules first becomes visible in the east in April, and works his way high across the night sky through October. From the southern hemisphere, he appears low in the north. Four relatively bright stars form what is commonly known as the Keystone... More »
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