What is the symbol for Hercules?


The symbol for Hercules is a wooden club. Even though he was the half-human son of Zeus, Hercules was also the embodiment of truth, heroism and determination. Many of his other attributes are also a significant factor that made this myth so important to people.

Though many of the ancient gods were known to use bows and arrows, spears or swords, this was not the fact with Hercules. This myth, or man as some believe, was well known for his inhuman strength, which was awarded to him because his father Zeus was the "King of the Gods." Hercules used his strength to defeat most of his enemies. However, he also used a wooden club, which most people recognize as his "true" symbol.

This club was carved from the grand Tree of Life, which was the eternal symbol of life. Using a portion of this tree was said to imbue the weapon with strength equal to the man who used the weapon to defeat his enemies. Other attributes that were symbolic to Hercules were his well-defined muscles and the lion skin he wore over one shoulder. Though they were not typical symbols, they were attributes that were unique to this demigod.

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Two Twin Pillar.
The Hercules knot, is an ancient symbol of strength, represents the unbreakable
As a young man Hercules killed a lion with his bare hands. As a trophy of his adventure, he wore the skin of the lion as a cloak and its head as a helmet.
his figure from Greek mythology is often represented by twin pillars, which are said to represent the Straits of Gibraltar. Hercules is also often represented by a club, his favored
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