What are some hermit crab adaptations?


The hermit crab is a crustacean that lives on land though they are born in water. Their adaptations include the presence of continually developing lungs to enable breathing in moist air, seeking protection from an abandoned shell of another animal, evolving of hind legs that are strong to hold onto the interior of the shell and adaptation to a nocturnal life to avoid predators.
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Besides the use of the shells of other animals hermit crabs have many other adaptations. Land hermit crabs have developed modified gills that allow them to live on land. They use
hi, Hope this information ive found you helps. Hermit crabs live their lives on land, rather than in the ocean. This fact has led to a variety of hermit crab adaptations making the
1. Find a rocky beach. Hermit crabs thrive where the ocean meets the land. A rocky habitat give them plenty of places to hide when the tide goes out. 2. Wait for low tide. When the
1. Brush all sand off of your hermit crab. This is so if you hold him, he won't slip out. Ad. 2. Get your writing hand and outstretch it into a 'stop' position. 3. Have all your fingers
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