Hesi Entrance Exam?


The HESI entrance exam is a required test that must be taken before entering a nursing program. This exam consists of four academic exams and a personality profile that assesses an individuals learning style.
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1. Purchase the HESI entrance test prep textbook. The book covers all the sections that you will be tested on, including the math part of the exam. Go through the entire book, complete
The HESI A2 entrance exam is a tough test but should be easy if you study
The Entrance Assessment is used as a self-evaluation test in the areas of math, reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Student scores are used to identify strengths and weaknesses
HESI A2 is an admissions assessment exam (hence the A2) It is often used by nursing schools as part of their admissions process.
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The best way for you to prepare for the HESI entrance admission exams is to take its practice tests. This will help you assess where your strongest and weakest areas are. You can also buy the HESI study guides as well as the flashcards to further help you study.
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