Why did Hezekiah Walker divorce his wife?


Hezekiah Walker and his wife Monique obtained a divorce in the year 2006. Although no specifics from the divorce have been released, it was apparently not a very amicable one. There were rumors that he was a closet homosexual and would be stepping down from his job as pastor. These rumors ended up being completely unfounded and were eventually retracted. Bishop Walker is a gospel music artist and is Pastor and Bishop of the Love Fellowship Tabernacle.
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Last year.
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Being that nobody was willing to answer this for you I will. The story broke that he was living "on the down low" basically. A couple days later the entire story was retracted
While the exact reason why Hezekiah Walker and his wife divorced in 2006 is not officially confirmed, there are rumors saying that the Grammy-winning gospel artist and preacher, apparently
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