Why did Hezekiah Walker divorce his wife?


Hezekiah Walker and his wife Monique obtained a divorce in the year 2006. Although no specifics from the divorce have been released, it was apparently not a very amicable one. There were rumors that he was a closet homosexual and would be stepping down from his job as pastor. These rumors ended up being completely unfounded and were eventually retracted. Bishop Walker is a gospel music artist and is Pastor and Bishop of the Love Fellowship Tabernacle.
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While the exact reason why Hezekiah Walker and his wife divorced in 2006 is not officially confirmed, there are rumors saying that the Grammy-winning gospel artist and preacher, apparently
To tell you exactly im a hezekiah walker fanatic and Im thinking he married monique walker in 1985. Source(s) www.answers.com/topic/hezekiah-walker.
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