Why won't my tropical hibiscus bloom?


A tropical hibiscus will only bloom in warm temperature. If the climate is warm this plant can bloom year round. If the weather is too cool however the plant will not flower and will instead become dormant until it warms up again. Te best way to get your tropical hibiscus to bloom year round is to place it in a greenhouse. If it is warm and still not blooming it may need a sunnier spot.
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As with all flowering plants, a certain threshold of light intensity results in formation of flower buds from stem tissues. Tropical hibiscus plants need at least six hours of uninterrupted
Whenever the weather is warm and conditions are right, Hibiscus will bloom. It can bloom year round in the right conditions. Some varieties need more heat than others.
some varieties will, the article that I found suggested Kopper King as a cold hardy hibiscus, if you have problems with Japanese beetles, do not bother with hibiscus,mine the blooms
Hibiscus does not bloom all year long. To protect them in winter, bring indoors
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