What does it mean if someone is hiccuping after surgery?


Anesthesia given to a patient for surgery has been identified as a trigger that can cause a bout of hiccups, as reported by How Stuff Works. However, hiccups can start for unknown reasons. If the patient is experiencing chronic hiccups, the culprit is more likely to be the anesthesia.

Hiccups do have some other common triggers such as drinking fizzy beverages, eating spicy foods, eating too fast, indigestion, bad smells, pregnancy, drinking too much alcohol and stress. According to Better Health Channel, an attack of the hiccups can also come about as a symptom of disease. Chronic hiccups may be related to problems with the diaphragm, thyroid gland, kidneys, lungs or brain. Chest or abdominal surgery could also be a culprit.

A prolonged case of hiccups requires medical intervention. Doctors have various treatment options that may alleviate the problem. Treating the underlying medical disorder could end the hiccups. Making drug dosage changes is another option. The patient may be given an anti-spasmodic drug to relax the diaphragm. A drastic case may result in doctors operating on the nerves in the diaphragm region.

Mild cases of hiccups are usually not cause for concern. Some common remedies for hiccups include holding one's breath for a period of time, breathing into a paper bag, sucking a lemon wedge or eating a spoonful of sugar.

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