What is a high absolute lymphocyte count?


A high absolute lymphocyte count, more commonly referred to as lymphocytosis, is an elevation in the total lymphocyte count. This elevation in the total lymphocyte count is due to an infection in the body. To determine if a patient has a high absolute lymphocyte count, a complete blood count must be performed. There are multiple causes of lymphocytosis, such as viral infections, toxoplasmosis, leukemia, and lymphoma. Based on the patient's symptoms and total lymphocyte count, a doctor is able to determine what the cause may be, whether more tests may be needed, and how to treat the patient.
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"Normal range" depends on the lab. It will be on the CBC lab slip. Usually this is related to a viral infection if there is significant elevation. This is very easy to search
Lymphocytosis, a potentially abnormal
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