How to Find a Topic for Social Studies and Geography Fair Projects?


In order to find a topic for Social Studies and Geography fair projects you can brainstorm topics that you are familiar with. You can also flip through your books and pick a topic that sounds interesting. Lastly, you can ask your teachers for suggestions.
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High School Social Studies Fair Projects
While other areas like math and science are extremely important, subjects like social studies give students an opportunity to learn about the world around them. By doing so, students gain a better understanding of important concepts like freedom and... More »
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1. Read the requirements for the fair. Certain social studies and geography fairs have a list of topics from which you must choose, whereas others allow a broader range of entries
It depends on the topic.
1 Earn a bachelor's degree. Attend an accredited, 4-year university and choose a course of study that will best prepare you for teaching social studies. Majoring in education is the
"Project Based Learning Handbook: A Guide to Standards-Focused Project Based Learning for Middle and High School Teachers" Thom Markham; Spiral-bound This one has gotten
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Some ideas for a project for the social studies fair are: the settlement of an area, major religions of an area, trends in history, early civilizations, types ...
A good social studies fair project should show your intellectual level. When choosing a topic for your project, it is wise to choose a topic that you are well ...
A social studies fair project is usually a research project of some sort that involves asking questions about social topics such as women's rights, gay rights, ...
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