How Is High School Swimming Scored?


High school swimming is scored by different methods. This can include the time methods which is simply timing how long it takes a swimming to swim from one distance to another distance.
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1. Do your homework and research the teams before the day of the swim meet. Are there new programs? Are there any rivalries between any certain teams? Are there some dominating teams
On the Delphi high
4x50 Yd Medley Relay, 200 Yd Freestyle, Individual Medley(100- J.V. 200- V) 50 Yd Freestyle, Butterfly(50- J.V. 100- V) 100 Yd Freestyle, 500 Yd Freestyle(Varsity only) 4x50 Freestyle
Well, if it is like other states high school places then in a dual meet. 1st=6 pts. 2nd= 4pts. 3rd= 3pts. 4th= 2pts. 5th= 1pt. 6th= NONE. And relays are scored like this. 1st= 8pts.
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