Highest Scoring NHL Game Ever?


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The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Quebec Bulldogs 16-3 on March 3, 1920.
The highest score one team in a single NHL game was 16. The Montreal Canadiens
March 3, 1920 the Montreal Canadiens defeated Quebec Bulldogs 16-3, the most goals recorded in an NHL game.
There have been two occasions in NHL history when the two opponents have combined for 21 goals. In 1920, Montreal beat Toronto 14-7 and in 1985, Edmonton beat Chicago 12-9. The most
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The highest scoring NHL game ever had a total of 21 goals. This has actually happened twice. The first game was in 1920 in the game of Montreal Canadiens against Toronto St, Patricks. The other game was in December 1985 between Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers.
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