How to Remove Highlighter Stains?


Highlighter stains on clothing need to be treated as soon as possible. The stain should be gently blotted with a clean cloth. Apply a laundry pre-treater and allow to sit for about 15 minutes. Next, wash the stain in cold water with laundry detergent.
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1. Take a shower. The most common place to find a highlighter stain is on your body. Whether you woke up to find neon yellow all over your face or were working so diligently you didn't
To remove highlight color stains out of green shirt: Blot the stain with
Highlighter ink is water based and easy to remove. Just use a little pre treatment detergent and then wash it.
highlighter stain can sneakily find its way onto t-shirts and shirts when you maybe engrossed in reading or studying. Colors like pink, green, yellow and orange may seem tough to
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Highlighter Stain Removal
The vibrant orange, pink, and yellow highlighters look great on paper, but terrible on clothing and furniture. The saturated, bright colors make unusually vivid stains but removing the stains left by highlighter pigment is fairly simple.... More »
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