How do you highlight dark brown hair at home with foils?


To highlight dark brown hair at home with foils, first mix the dye package. You can then apply the dye with a brush and wrap up sections in the foil.
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1. Buy a hair highlighting kit in the shade of blonde you want. If you have black or extremely dark hair and want dramatic blonde highlights, you will need to choose a kit with bleach
first you dye your whole hair a lighter color then do the blue highlights.
1 Gather all your materials and head to the nearest bathroom. Ad 2 Put everything where you can see it 3 Mix powder cinnamon with lemon juice. As for how much lemon juice and powder
Yes! It is a natural lightener and will work on all colors of hair (except for maybe black hair). To make it look more natural, I've french-braided my hair and taken a lemon/water
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