What causes the conflicts between Hindus and Muslims?


The conflicts between Hindus and Muslims were mainly influenced for political gain to the English India Occupiers to split the country apart into two parts that became Pakistan and India in order to ensure more control over both parts.
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I believe the hindu muslim conflict began when the muslims invaded India, and they basically destroyed everything sacred to hindus. They destroyed cattle, Brahmin, temples, mosques,
If you are talking about India and Pakistan then it goes back to when the British partition India into two countries. After that there was one area which is the Kashmir region that
I think this storyline is more interesting in that case: If a hindu guy and a muslim girl get together, the guy is forced to leave the girl. Now he has the option of marrying the
The last major Hindu-Muslim rioting in Hyderabad took place in 1990, killing 200
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The History of Hindu-Muslim Conflict
Religious differences have inspired many wars throughout history, with each side believing their God or gods will carry them to victory. Some of these conflicts continue from ancient times to today. The land of Kashmir is a prime example of this as some... More »
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