What stain removal tips can be found in "Hints From Heloise"?


"Hints from Heloise," the popular column offering household cleaning advice, has stain removal tips from how to remove everything from ballpoint pen ink to grass stains. To remove pen ink, place the item face down on paper towels, and use dry cleaning solvent or other cleaning fluid through the back of the fabric. To remove grass stains, pre-treat with an enzyme-containing laundry detergent before washing as usual.

Other stain removal tips covered by various "Hints from Heloise" columns and books include treating stains from makeup, coffee, red wine, chocolate, gravy, ketchup and barbecue sauce as well as mildew, latex, watercolor paints, ballpark clay and candle wax. Although laundry detergents and other products have changed over the years, many of Heloise's tips involve the use of simple and safe household products, such as vinegar.

Eloise Bowles Cruse began writing a column about household hints in 1959 under the pen name Heloise. In 1961 "Hints from Heloise" was syndicated by King Features Syndicate and has since appeared in more than 500 newspapers in the United States and worldwide. Eloise, and later her daughter Heloise, went on to write several "Hints from Heloise" books. Her daughter helped her write the column and took over the pen name when Eloise died in 1977.

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