Hipaa Pros and Cons?


Hipaa Pros and Cons. The Pros of Hipaa is to prevent others from finding out important medical information about someone. The con is that a company may prefer not to hire someone. There are really no cons of Hippa. Hippa works to prevent health discrimination and protects the rights of the person.
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HIPAA Pros & Cons
The 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established regulations for protecting health care coverage and increased the privacy of personal health care information. Overall, HIPAA has benefited consumers while increasing... More »
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HIPAA makes it easier for individuals with prior medical concerns to get coverage for those conditions when they change jobs. Before the law took effect, employer-sponsored group
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I do know that it's very expensive for a healthcare facility to get into compliance from data records security on paper and electronically, to employee training to the costs of fines
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The pros and cons of HIPPA are many. One of the pros is that identifiable information regarding the health records of individuals status restricted from unauthorized ...
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