How to Delete iTunes Play History?


How to delete Itunes play history, you open Itunes. Select the library from the library column. Click select all to highlight all the playlist. Then press reset plays, and the content has been deleted.
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1. Launch iTunes. 2. Click "Music" from the column on the left side of the window. 3. Press "Ctrl + A" on your keyboard to select your entire music library. 4.
You have to go to your account in iTunes, then go to purchase history. Once there click where it says edit, then select all. After that, right click on any highlighted purchase and
1) Heartless by Kanye West 2) You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift 3) Hot N
Open Itunes >>click on Store then Home >>once in Itunes store click on 'account' in the quick links ..that will take you to your account and recent purchase history
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