What is the origin of the Sayaw sa Bangko?


The Sayaw sa Bangko, also referred to as the Sayaw ed Tapew na Bangko, is a traditional Filipino dance that originates from the Pangapisan, Pangasinan and Lingayen areas. The name of the dance is translated as "dance on a bench."

The Sayaw sa Bangko dance is usually performed by a couple who executes relatively complicated dance moves on one or more narrow benches. The artists who engage in this traditional dance must be extremely skilled to perform all of these remarkable acrobatic moves. To increase the level of difficulty, the benches are stacked. This dance is often performed at festive occasions, along with other traditional Filipino dances, such as the Binasuan, the Itik-Itik, and the Maglalatik.

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this dance is native to the barric of panggasinan,lingayen, pangapisan, anddemand skills from it ferformers who must dance on top of bench rouhgly six inches wide.
Sayaw ed Tapew na Bangko (dance on top of a bench) is a dance
I don't see such benches sold in furniture shops, not even those in Paco. Just make them. They are very very easy to do that a grade schooler boy can just get a saw, a hammer, and
it started with the man and the women dances in the chare!
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