How Do I View the Hidden History of Websites Visited on My Computer?


To view hidden history of a website visited on your computer, you must go to the history tab. You need to click on that tab and press the options to view history. Some people have their settings set to delete history after each session.
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1. Press the Safari icon in the application or programs folder or on the toolbar of your computer. 2. Press the "History" option in the program menu at the top of your browser's
Want to see what your little brother was doing on the computer? Check out his Internet history. How to find it depends on which browser you use. This website can give you more information
Actually a lot happens within the computer. There is a whole stack of technology. I'm going to simplify here but at the top level is the browser software. The browser does a few things
to find websites that a computer has visited, you are referring to the "history" It is fairly easy to find a computers history (given that a user did not wipe the history
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Click on the 'Tools' drop down menu at the top of the page. Select the 'Clear Recent History' option near the bottom of the menu. But keep in mind that the history ...
Yes, internet sites can be tracked. Each computer has an IP address that almost acts like a stamp on websites. These "stamps" are what we call ...
You can delete all visited websites by going to your web browser's history and deleting from there. Different browsers offer different methods. ...
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