Who was Wayne Perry?


Wayne Silk Perry is an infamous African-American hit-man from Washington DC. Wayne Perry worked to protect Harlem drug dealer Alberto Alpo Martinez. Perry allegedly killed a lot of people to help keep Martinez alive. Martinez also helped Perry receive the death penalty in exchange for a lighter jail sentence.
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Wayne Perry, Founder of Perry Music Group International world famous Producer, Mentor, Song writer for Zomba Label Group , A wonderful father of 4, and a friend to all that knew him
Lil Wayne would definitely win! He is on fire right now! Have more
Secret Agent Man (that's what I've always called him) in a landslide.
Hello Sumarion, Here's the link to the Wake Co information on this property. http://services.wakegov.c ... st=&spg=1 Let me know if I can answer any questions or help you with
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