Hn3 refers to an organic compound that has a formula of N(CH2CH2Cl)3. This compound is a powerful blister agent and a nitrogen mustard gas. It is used as a military agent for chemical warfare.
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Tris 2-Chloroethyl Ethylamine (organic compound)
LiN3 - Li+ + 3N 1/3-each N has a -1/3 charge. HN3 = weak acid dissociates to H+ and N 1/3- Ka HN3 = 1.9x10^5 so pKa = 4.72. for this buffer to have a pH of 4.763, the [N 1/3-/[HN3
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N l H - H - H Three elements of hydrogen, and one of nitrogen all connected together.
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HN3 is an acronym that can stand for the US Navy rating Hospitalman 3rd Class. In a chemical compound, H stands for Hydrogen. The N is the chemical symbol for ...
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