How can you study welding as a hobby?


There are many websites that offer instruction, information and resources for learning how to weld as a hobby. For example, the American Welding Society is an international membership organization whose website offers a searchable database of welding schools located all over the world. has extensive information on getting started with welding and learning about equipment, materials, safety and welding processes. It also offers a large selection of how-to and reference videos as well as a blog that contains articles of interest to welding enthusiasts. is another resource website that lists tips, information and news about the world of welding. It also has sections with articles covering specific types of welding, such as stick, friction stir and cast iron welding. is a publication of the International Fabricators and Manufacturers Association. Its website contains many articles about the welding industry, including an extensive article about the advantages and disadvantages of metal inert gas, or MIG, welding. The article also contains information on purchasing and using a welding machine at home. is a website that offers welding training for beginners. It has a series of books and videos that teach the art of welding in addition to offering guidance on how to purchase the best quality welding machines. By signing up for the website's newsletter, subscribers receive several of the introductory videos for free.

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1. Enroll in a good school program. This will give you an opportunity to learn about what's involved before you purchase any equipment. You also get the opportunity to learn the basics
1. Whether you are 18 or 81, most community colleges offer welding classes you can attend. Community college class fees are very inexpensive. Ad. 2. Go to your local community college
Unless you know what you're doing, please don't work on any trailers. At minimum, that would require 1000 hrs of training. I've seen guys with 3000+ hours of training be unable to
Welding things together and making interesting stuff is a great way to pass the time and get in touch with your creative side, but if nobody is buying your welding projects, then
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