How to Fix Burn Holes in Clothing?


Empty up any movable debris around the burn hole you want to repair and bolt the burn hole area with a rag soaked in the mixture of one teaspoon of clear dishwashing detergent and one cup of warm water. This will clean up any surface discoloration around the hole caused by burn. Cut away any singed or burnt material that remains around the perimeter of the hole with a pair of small scissors and sew up the hole with the needle and some thread that is similar in color to the piece of clothing leaving no visible thread tail.
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1. Line your closet or storage area with cedar wood. This is the one of the best ways to keep moths away. 2. Purchase cedar bags from your dry cleaner. These bags can be used to hang
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My Laundry Question. I would like to know, why is it that all my tee shirts have tiny holes in them as if bugs were eating them? I hang my clothes in the same closet as my husband
Probably moth larvae. Use cedar wood you can find near the spray starch and ironing products to store your clothes with.
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