Which holidays are celebrated in Argentina?


The holidays celebrated in Argentina are Gualeguaychu carnival, Revolucion de Mayo, Dia de las Malvinas and El Carnaval del Pais. Gualeguaychu carnival for instance is celebrated in a way that the different groups of people dance in colorful suits across meticulously decorated streets.
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El Carnaval del Pais is Argentina’s version of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras or Brazil’s Carnivale. The holiday falls two weeks before Lent. Nationwide, neighborhoods
people run around with suit cases and baked beans.
well argentine people like to celebrate anything.but here are the ones i know. Christmas. New Year's. Valentine's. Mother's day (in october) Father's day (in June) Rosh Hashanah.
as many as possible, there is nothing wrong w. . . .
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What Holidays Are Celebrated in Argentina?
Argentina is located along the southeastern coast of South America, sharing the southern part of the continent with Chile. The country is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful natural features, party atmosphere and culture. Many people... More »
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