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Hollister's cologne is called SoCal for Men. The cologne is meant to convey an easy beach lifestyle. SoCal can be purchased in Hollister stores in sizes ranging from $38 to $65.
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It's got an SD Alchohol base, the rest, the "Parfum" are trademarked secrets.
SoCal 1.7 Fl Oz $38 SoCal is the fragrance of Southern California. With its clean,
"Jake" is $30-$38, "SoCal" and "Hollister California" is $38-$50, and the "Epic Hollister Cologne" is $50. All prices from the Hollister site
The one not sold at Hollister. Or is made by Hollister. Source(s) GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! YOU UNORIGINAL TEENY BOPPER.
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The drift cologne was not selling well so Hollister decided to discontinue it. Hollister has other better selling perfumes like SoCal. But drift could still be ...
it's about the same size , maybe a little bigger , i guess . yes , everything is cheaper there . yes , there is still loud music and smelly cologne . ...
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