Hollow Styrofoam Balls?


Hollow Styrofoam balls are made of polystyrene foam. They are hollow inside, because they are made of 98% air. They are extremely light weight and great for making crafts. Seasonal crafts use Styrofoam balls to produce memorable craft pieces such as Christmas tree ornaments that can be painted. Other crafts such as penguins, spiders, snowmen, and ghosts also use Styrofoam balls. Styrofoam balls can also be used for packing items for shipment or for moving from one place to another.
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1. Decide on the measurements of your styrofoam ball. You will need to determine how long you want the diameter (length across the center of the ball) to be. 2. Cut out a cube from
Hollow Styrofoam Ball is a bit of problem as to be hollow there has to be support inside because of the way Styrofoam is made and then how do you get the support out of the ball?
how much is styrofoam unit weight?
Gumballs are hallow because if they were solid it would be a lot of gum and you wouldn't be
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