What's the price of lumber at Home Depot?


The price of lumber at Home Depot will vary greatly depending on the type of lumber you are purchasing. For example a standard 2 x 4 x 10 will cost $3.92 a board.
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Lumber prices fluctuate. The associates at the Pro Desk/Contractor Services desk can set up a quote for you and fax or email it to you. Call. Source(s) work there.
A piece of 2x4x12 pressure treated lumber
not enough. Home Depot hires everyone at different rates. Essentially they want to hire people at the lowest scale. They hire you as part time but give you full time hours.this way
In the back of the lumber section at most Home Depot stores is a cutting station. The station consists of a radial arm saw and a panel saw. The radial arm saw can perform straight
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Lowe's - $$
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