How Much Is a Roll of Sod at Home Depot?


The price of a roll of sod in Home Depot will vary by area. Fescue is one of the popular varieties. The sod of this type of grass is sold in 2X4 foot pieces at $3.68. That is an area of 8sq.ft,; so it will cost you $0.46 per sq ft. The sizes of the pieces of sod also varies by area.
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I paid 2.99 per 10 square feet.
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Visit your local Home Depot store to sign up to become a contractor. Go to the contractor section of the store and ask the customer service person about local requirements to be eligible
I know that in Massachusetts, during the summer the price of sod was about 4-6 dollars per roll at Home Depot. I redid my lawn with sod when nothing else would work, and had to purchase
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