Home Inspection Checklist?


Different companies will have a different checklist for home inspections. Reputable home inspectors will have a very detailed checklist for catching all little things that can be wrong with a home.
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1. Examine the exterior. Circle the house looking at the landscaping of the house, chimneys, siding, bricks, window seals, doors, condition of the porches and other eye-catching attributes
Home inspection check lists are available from many sources. Check with local reputable home inspection companies for one. If you like a free one is at: http://accurateinspections.com
The FHA inspection checklist features a list of potential issues and an option for the appraiser to note if there is a problem and record any comments. Examples of the possible problem
It's a smart idea to get a professional home inspection completed prior to closing escrow on any real estate purchase, especially a home you are going to be living in. Doing a home
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A home inspection is essential for ensuring the condition of the home before a sale or a purchase. Start your home inspection checklist by examining all interior and exterior areas of the home and noting anything that needs to be repaired or replaced.
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