Home Remedies for a Sick Cat?


Home remedies for a sick cat include using rosemary, tea tree oil, or marigold to soothe a cat's ear infection. For sick cats with digestive upset, chicken broth or homemade food is best for this type of sickness. The cat should also drink plenty of water not milk to keep them from getting dehydrated. To treat severe allergies, fish oil or flax seed can be added to a cat's food. Eucalyptus or tea tree oils can be rubbed onto a cat's fur to help with biting fleas.
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Cat Home Sickness Remedies
If you suspect that your cat is suffering from an injury or ailment, it is always recommended to seek veterinary assistance. However, in some cases, home sickness remedies can assist in a neutralizing an affliction before a vet visit, and in others... More »
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