Home Remedies for Ant Hills?


There are several home remedies to chose from for killing ants and removing ant hills. You can try pouring hot water directly onto the ant hills. Another option is to fill a spray bottle with a 50% solution of lemon juice and 50% water and spraying it directly to kill the ants. You can also blend orange peels with hot water in a blender and pour this over the anthills to remove the ants. Sprinkling some hot and spicy cayenne pepper down ant hills will also send ants packing.
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Things You'll Need. Baby powder without corn starch. vinegar. boiling water. Instructions. Remove food at the first sign of ants. Food is what normally attracts ants so be sure to
Boil a large pot of water and pour it directly on the hill. Start with
Try slicing a cucumber and placing a slice on foil, waxed paper, or something similar and placing them around you house. Cna be put in cupboards, etc. Especially safe around kids
Citronella Oil is disliked by ants, as well as Tea Tree oil, probably because they interfere with their own scent markings. You can buy this, especially during the summer with Citronella
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Home Remedy for Killing Ant Hills
One anthill can house hundreds of ants. Add one or two more hills and their numbers climb substantially higher. At their best, ants are a nuisance, and at their worst, ants can cause damage to your home. Getting to the root of the problem by eliminating... More »
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