Home Remedies for Carpenter Ants?


Some home remedies for carpenter ants involve making homemade carpenter ant bait and placing the bait in the areas where the carpenter ants are gathering such as near doors or window. The ant bait can be made of a mixture of hot water, sugar, and boric acid powder. The mixture can be placed on a cloth or cotton batting and then placed on top of a jar lid. The carpenter ants will crawl into the batting and absorb the mixture and die.
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The black carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus) is a species of
One of the best ways to control or eliminate insects in general is to control the moisture that is attracting them. Check for moister problems and eliminate those first. Then control
90% of all carpenter ant work I do has nothing to do with wood.the most common place I find them is the hollow tubing of aluminum windows, screens and storm doors. Thoroughly cleaning
1. Locate the parent colony and any satellite nests. The parent colony will most likely be in a damp area outside the home. Satellite nests are usually located indoors. Look for sawdust
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Home Remedies for Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to wood, including support structures for buildings. However, they are most attracted to moisture-damaged wood and, unlike other insects, do not actually eat it. Instead, they burrow into it.... More »
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