Home Remedies for Cleaning Dentures?


A good way to clean dentures at home is to get a denture cleaning brush and a denture bath. You can allow the dentures to soak in the denture bath and then brush them with a denture brush. You can also use vinegar as a home remedy for cleaning dentures.
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1. Fill the denture cup with water. Make sure the water is warm, but not hot since this could melt your dentures. Only fill the cup halfway since it will rise once you put in your
Daily brushing of dentures is a MUST. Be sure you brush your dentures over a sink that is filled with water or that you have place a soft towel in the bottom of the bowl so if they
The traditional housewife remedy is raw eggs and vinegar. You add them together then massage the mixture onto your scalp then wait for 10 minutes then rinse out .
Line the bottom of your sink with aluminum foil and then add soap powder like
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Home Remedies for Cleaning Dentures
Millions of Americans wear dentures and they spend millions yearly on denture care products. Denture care products can be expensive and none of them are more effective than some common household remedies. You can take the bite out of your denture care... More »
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