What are some home remedies for corn removal?


Corns and Calluses are thickened layers of skin which are caused by repeated pressure or friction. There are natural home remedies available which may help remove corns and calluses. Baking soda, cornstarch and vinegar are some of the natural home remedies for corns and calluses.
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Lemon is avaluable remedy for corns. A fresh slice of lemon should be
1. Rub 1 tsp. of castor oil onto the corn for 2 to 3 minutes at a time three times a day until the corn falls off. 2. Use a combination of warm water and the peel of a pineapple.
Oil of clove. Apply a small amount on corn. Wait a short time. With an emery stick, scrape The top off and apply again. Repeat several times daily until corn disappears.
The best remedy for removing corns is to buy a corn removal cream from the store. Freezone and Kerasal are top rated products to remove a corn. They come with pads to put on the corn
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Corn Removal Home Remedies
A corn is a thick growth of skin on the foot that forms as a natural means of protection from excessive pressure and friction. Although similar to calluses, they are different in terms of location and appearance. Corns can be caused by poorly-fitting... More »
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