Home Remedies for Deworming Dogs?


There are many home remedies for deworming dogs.Give your dog parsley water (parsley boiled in water), 1 tablespoon a day. You can also give your dog garlic juice.
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1. Boil one quart of purified water. Add one bunch of fresh parsley into the boiling water and let simmer for 3 minutes. 2. Allow the parsley to cool in the water. Discard the parsley
Go to a vet or a website and buy a proper de-wormer. They are not expensive. If you cannot afford to do this, ask your local Humane Society if they can help you. Most have assistance
Do not use garlic - garlic contains a toxic ingredient called thiosulphate. You need a lot but why take a chance? You have to determine the type of worm and treat them accordingly
Over the counter worming medications are widely available and deworming would
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How to Make a Home Remedy Dewormer for Dogs
If you're a dog owner you are probably aware that dogs can get parasites or worms. You can use deworming medications to treat worms as well as prevent them. But when it comes to adult dogs, most veterinarians recommend only deworming if you find... More »
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The primary options for removing worms in dogs is with a vet-prescribed de-wormer or one of the natural de-worming medicines on the market. Cloves are a common ...
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