What are some home remedies for dogs with upset stomachs?


Dogs who have an upset stomach may be vomiting, nauseated, or have diarrhea. Some good home remedies for dogs with upset stomachs involve altering the dog's diet until the sickness is past. A bland diet might consist of a small white potato or sweet potato boiled and mashed for easy chewing. White rice with boiled chicken is another good diet to try when a dog can't keep food down. Mashed or pureed bananas are another good choice to ease an upset stomach. Sprinkling powdered ginger on a dog's food also helps ease the nausea of an upset stomach. It is also important to give the dog plenty of water.
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1. Withhold all food. Dogs suffering from vomiting and or diarrhea should fast for 12 to 24 hours, allowing the digestive system a chance to recuperate. Young puppies and toy breeds
Easiest = plain white rice. Sometimes I'll boill the rice with some chicken to make it more palatable.but it should be mostly rice. A lot of people use canned pumpkin, *not* pie filling
Eating a banana, drinking strong ginger ale or tea, or drinking peppermint
Not Medical Advice: Ginger, peppermint and flat cola are said to help upset stomachs. Give it a try!
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Ways to Calm a Dog's Upset Stomach
Dogs tell us they have an upset stomach when they vomit, have diarrhea or refuse food. Sometimes we can also hear noises from the dog's stomach telling us the dog's stomach is upset. Knowing ways to calm a dog's stomach problems is key in maintaining a... More »
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