Home Remedies for Folliculitis?


A home remedy for bacterial folliculitis is treatment that you can take at home instead of going to hospital to treat this condition. Folliculitis is a condition that affects hair follicles causing inflammation on the skin, palm or feet. This can be treated at home by bathing with antiseptic soap, applying antibiotic creme or lotion on affected area or use of chlorine in bath water.
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Folliculitis Home Remedies
Folliculitis is a skin condition in which the area around hair follicles is red and surrounded by white-head pimples. The condition causes the hair follicles to become itchy, and scratching the infected area can cause the condition to spread while... More »
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The home remedy for bacterial folliculitis is by using a wet cloth to scrub and wash the areas natural with dead skin cells, also the use of vinegar compressors on the affected areas as a remedy of folliculitis. Use chlorine whenever you're going to take a bath, and put some analgesic powder to the septic hair cavities before putting on your clothe.
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