What are some home remedies for killing fleas?


Home remedies for getting rid of fleas include sprinkling table salt or diatomaceous earth into your carpet and vacuuming it up after a period of time. It takes vigilance to rid a home completely of fleas, and even with treatment, it can take an owner several months to become flea free.

Fleas can be killed from pets by filling a tub with lukewarm water and enough dish-washing detergent to create plenty of suds. Once a cat or dog has been placed into enough water to cover their bodies, the fleas that survive will gravitate towards the head. A flea comb can then be used to comb out the fleas from the face.

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Home Remedy for Killing Flies
Indoors or outdoors, flies are never welcome. Not only are flies bothersome, but they carry and spread germs, bacteria and disease. Getting rid of them does not mean you must use commercial sprays and traps, which can often include toxic ingredients. You... More »
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All you have to do is set a small bowl of vinegar near the drain. You will be shocked at how they just swan dive head first and drown in it. ...
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