How to Treat a Yard for Mosquitoes with a Home Remedy?


The surest way to treat your yard for mosquitoes with a home remedy is to empty any water vessels you have there. One good example is to empty your bird bath of water if you have one. You can also get all natural repellents from Home Depot.
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1. Peel and mince 10 large garlic cloves. Press them with a kitchen knife to bruise the minced pieces, which helps them release more juice. 2. Heat a solution of one cup water and
Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it to affected area , let dry. It will ease the itch.
Rub a bounty dryer sheet against your skin and its a mosquito repellent, if you
Apply. heat. to the itchy spot. The heat source can be hot water, heated metal part of a lighter etc. It should be hot to touch but not burning. Do not use direct flame. Or you can
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