What are some do-it-yourself methods for removing rust stains?


There are various remedies for removing rust stains. The most common and effective home solution is lemon juice. This will get off the rust stain from your fabric.
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1. Use a towel to protect your work surface. Lay the rust-stained fabric on a clean towel with the stain facing up. 2. Lemon juice is often used in cleaning products. Mix one part
An example of a home remedy for removing rust from fabrics is lemon juice. Lemon juice can be purchased from most supermarkets and also small grocerie shops.
1. Use a paint scraper to get up any of the dried and spilled paint first. 2. Combine 1 cup of paint thinner and 1 cup of baby powder, stirring until they are a consistent creamy
1. Move the furniture in the room away from the walls and place them in the center of the room. Cover them with plastic or drop cloths to avoid damage. If possible, cover up wood
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Home Remedies for Removing Rust Stains
Rust stains can appear on laundry, floors, cement and in toilets. Locations with hard water make rust stains more common, due to the high mineral content in the water. When minerals and metals in the water are exposed to air, they oxidize and form rust.... More »
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